Ginette Hillman

Visual Artist, Abstract Artwork

The visual arts and creative expression have weaved themselves throughout the nooks of my life, providing a deep well of inspiration. Since the early days of childhood, ballet and classical piano have fed my artistry, as well as a healthy obsession with photographing all that captivates.  In addition, I have an ample history in fashion, beginning with a modeling career which later morphed into international fashion buying, and then into beauty.  My fascination with fashion and design regularly informs my aesthetics and choices.

In recent years, I developed a Wellness Practice which focuses on the wellbeing of the entire person, and incorporates empowerment and spiritual evolution. My perceptions have become heightened as a result, and I often feel art and being are one and this has greatly influenced my painting and photography. 

Painting abstract artwork has emerged as a powerful medium for myself, in which to convey the grace embodied in life and spirituality.  I hope to be able to pass this connection of life's different rythyms and energy through my paintings to the viewer. Bringing beauty to others lives that is sometimes healing and meditative, and at other times provocative and powerful.

You may like to visit my Instagram at thegracefulartperth to follow the continuing creations of paintings, prints and photography, as well as stay in touch with exhibitions and collaborations.

If you are looking for where to find me, I am based in the Fremantle area, Perth, Western Australia. If you are located interstate or overseas I would be glad to connect over some digital form such as Skype.  For a viewing of any pieces please email me at