Studio updates

Painting "From Scared to Sacred"

A new body of artwork was created over 2016 with the theme, " From Scared to Sacred". Painting "From Scared to Sacred" flowed organically from the previous year's "Shades of Indigo". The blue paintings which were very other worldly began to morph into earthly existence. Bright colours emerged in my paintings in surprising ways, I blame this new colour explosion from sharing painting time with dear friend Ian de Souza. Thank you Ian for this wonderful shift of passion into my artwork. 

Still although a new essence was flowing through the work, some ethereal themes were butting through the images. Often a tree became, well a graceful woman for instance, which can be seen here during the development of the painting, Sacred Feminine. I took a lot of inspiration from nature, painting from local walking spots such as Bibra Lake and Manning Park. I would be reflecting on my photographs from walks, and painting with images of trees, and literally these would become quite archetypal in nature. It became obvious my internal spiritual exploration was splashing through the artwork. So the theme "From Scared to Scared" birthed itself, and it seems perfect to be able to bring this sacred and earthly journey together in my artwork from 2015 & 2016, and share my first solo exhibition in July 2017. A private launch, for the exhibition, "From Scared to Scared' will take place at the Glass Studio at Replants in Fremantle, during the evening of July 28th with an ethereal setting, audiences will be given an experience which matches the artwork.  The exhibition will open to the public on the Saturday the 29th and following this 'From Scared to Sacred', will be available for private viewing during the month of August.