Studio updates

In July & August of 2017, Ginette Hillman will stage her first solo exhibition at The Glass Studio at Replants in Fremantle, Titled ‘From Scared to Sacred’.

The exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday 29th July, from 10-4pm, followed by private viewing during August, by appointment.

Hillman’s work arises out of an exploration of states of transcendence where form and chaos, embodiment and dissolution, death and resurrection find passionate expression. Her large canvases can be seen as sites of existential and sacred battle. 

"The artefact has an almost shamanic function of opening the viewer to his or her own possibility of transformation.” Jennifer Kornberger

Ginette, along with Bruce Abbott, owner of Replants, worked to transform the space. The artwork will be presented in a way that will allow the viewer to participate in the sacred process. 

For information on the exhibition, press here

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