Studio updates

As the exhibition, 'From Scared to Sacred', closes today, it is a moment to share heartfelt gratitude to all who were involved in its creation.

Although it was an art exhibition, it housed so much more than art, it offered essence of sacredness for those who entered the space and engaged. For everyone involved in contributing towards this event, this was something we were deeply passionate about. 

I wish to thank these remarkable people for co-creating and bringing this exhibition to life, including Ros de Souza, Bruce Abbott, Shona Anne Hunter, Gerard Klecha, Josh Cheng, Sarah Bussell, Georgia Ruse, Sophie Moleta, Tan Sohal, and Simon Attenborough. Thank you for bringing your individual gifts and sacredness in conceiving this experience and event. It has been a deeply profound experience, creatively and spiritually working with you all.

Dearest Ros de Souza, thank you for being a pillar throughout the entire process, for your love, encouragement and belief. My deep gratitude to you for your heart-felt, passionate and compelling speech in opening the exhibition! I was thrilled to be sharing the night with Ian and yourself, I cherish you both.

Thank you to Bruce John Abbott and Shona Anne Hunter from Replants, for the powerful collaborative experience in creating the soulful unveiling of the artwork, it could have only happened with yourselves in this manner. Your beautiful sacred space, and landscape of grass trees was the perfect place to share the body of work, From Scared to Sacred.

Ginette HillmanComment