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Artwork for St. Georges Terrace, Art Lease Project

Recently, Susan Roux and myself were selected to create artworks specifically for an Artlease project for 66 St. George’s Terrace, PERTH. Leah Robbie from Art Source had an insightful vision to work with, it was a tremendous project to be involved in.

The artwork I proposed,  Dark Matter was designed to act as a conduit connecting the exterior mural to the inside, of a Spinebill Bird flying across the outside wall,  with Susan Roux’s wall mounted sculptural work, Veil (2019). It was rewarding to see how powerfully Susan’s work talked with my own during the installation, there was a strong coherence. I look forward to seeing the 55 metre mural by Ian Mutch too, currently waiting council approval, bringing the last component together in our project.

When you walk into the lobby of 66 St Georges Terrace, Perth, you will see Susan’s work literally coming off the wall and telling its palpable story,  then your eye is lead across the room to my artwork, Dark Matter. Initially, the painting appears to be almost in the darkness as you approach, but as you move from side to side, different stories and images reveal themselves, subtle yet mysterious and intense. The central theme of the painting is ‘coming out of the darkness’. There is an awe for living, and strengthening of connection with our home, the earth. It also celebrates the power and freedom to share our individual truths, differences and why we are here in the world. In doing so we gift our communities with our contribution. 

The evolution in painting this artwork, Dark Matter, was a deep energetic journey and expression of transforming the darkness. Dark Matter involved an exploration of our relationship to our existence, the earth and coming into the world. It shares energies around inner darkness, where we may feel uncertain and fearful in life. Then it makes bold leaps into the burning of this darkness, extinguishing them with an almost birdlike presence replacing the shadows. The colours of orange and burnt sienna, denote a powerful emergence of coming into the light.

If you wish to read more about the project, below is a link to an article with Artlines news.

On Friday the the 13th September, Dark Matter will be included in the Artist Walk, as part of the Discovering Place, Annual Conference, There will be a Talk onsite about the project, by Artlease. It is a ticketed event, but you will be able to view the artwork anytime.

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